Our website security measures protect you

At UFOHQ, we take website security very seriously because we want you to be and feel as safe as possible while enjoying the LIVE UFO NEWS and ASTRONAUTS ADMIT UFOs ARE REAL.

Security measures in place for UFOHQ web platform


The UFOHQ is hosted at Hostgator on a business class shared server.

The platform is LAMP, managed by the hosting company.

Content Management System

WordPress – we always run the latest versions of all platforms, themes and plugins.

Content Management System Access Control

Login Lockdown protects UFOHQ against brute-force login attacks.

Content Distribution Network / Hacker Defense



Cloudflare accelerates the UFOHQ website, defends UFOHQ against hackers and spammers and notifies YOU if YOUR computer has been compromised (i.e., if your computer has become a zombie in a botnet).

Certified malware free by independent authorities

Stop The Hacker



Multi-source web reputation published



Multiple authorities monitor UFOHQ to make sure that you can be safe while visiting our website.

Homeland Security

United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team – Government website

The US-CERT.GOV website keeps UFOHQ site admins informed of any known vulnerabilities for the UFOHQ platform, so that we can update or disable functions to reduce attack surface.