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  1. Speaking of “the detection of etxtaterresrrial life”…it may take a long time before mainstream science gets over its reluctance to take seriously the mysterious objects (as always, whatever they are) that are flying around in our skies, but what about the private sector? There are daring and innovative billionaires on this planet who are well positioned to take the lead in serious UFO/UAP research. Sir Richard Branson obviously comes to mind, but I have no idea what his views are on the subject (I do hope he has read Leslie Kean’s book!). The Virgin Atlantic website shows that they currently have 29 aircraft and another 24 on order. If all of these aircraft were fitted with recording magnetometers (in case of a nearby encounter) and multi-directional recording of the skies (visible, night vision, infrared/thermal), it could produce some interesting results. Having camcorders available in the cockpits might make sense, but pilots would have to be trained to use them only when it is safe to do so (if they encounter a UFO they have passenger safety to think about). What is interesting is that Virgin Galactic could be starting their space tourism flights within about 18 months. Their WhiteKnightTwo (WK2) plane would carry SpaceShipTwo to 50,000 feet. SpaceShipTwo would then climb to 360,000 feet. Perhaps this, at least initially, could attract the ‘attention’ of UFOs? If Space Station and Shuttle crews are seeing anything interesting up there, it is likely easy to keep them quiet about it. There would be no need for the private sector to keep quiet about it. In fact, it may be good for business.

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